Single and Dual Screen Media Player

The SureVue D1 is a compact, yet powerful digital signage player

With a choice of Windows 10 or Linux OS, the D1 can support multiple zones of content, dual 4k outputs, IPTV, and interactive applications

The D1 is perfect for businesses looking for an affordable and reliable solution to showcase their content.

What operating system comes preinstalled?

The SurVueD1 comes preinstalled with MediaVue's custom Linux OS, or Windows 10.  

Is there a Wi-Fi option

Yes, the SureVueD1 has an optional wifi module that can be preinstalled and shipped from the factory. 

Where does the SureVueD1 player ship from?

The SureVueD1 and all other SureVue players ship from our production facility just outside of Boston, MA

What is the lead time on the D1 player

Current lead time is 5-7 business days on small orders 

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