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Digitizing Food Service

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) are finding additional ways to creatively and effectively implement digital signage. Digital menu boards, self-order kiosks, and even large-scale video walls are all being used to personalize customer experiences, expedite interactions, and maintain consistent branding and messaging across store locations. Digital menu boards make it easy and cost effective to quickly change and update offerings. Companies have taken it a step further, by tailoring offerings and messaging to time of day, season, and even customer’s personal tastes based on available data. Digital signage can also be leveraged to integrate with mobile and point of sale systems, making online ordering and in-store pick-up seamless processes. Like in other consumer industries, analytics is also bringing data about customer interactions and can help brands optimize their marketing based on real insights.

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Withstanding the Kitchen Heat

Digital menu boards are becoming one of the most widely adopted uses of digital signage, but QSRs remain one of the most challenging environments to deploy signage technology. When not managed properly, excessive heat and airborne grease can significantly increase downtime or decrease the functional operation of screens and digital endpoints. Additionally, because the content on the screen is generally required to make the sale, screen downtime directly disrupts sales.

The advanced thermal management in the hardware of MediaVue's players enables long life - even in greasy, hot environments. Specifically developed algorithms on each SureVue track temperature and several other critical variables and can alert a network operator in advance of a potential issue. If, in a rare case, a digital screen goes dark, our management software tool, Active Network Manager, communicates to the SureVue the exact make and model of the screen so the player can reconfigure the content across the menu board to ensure all critical items remain displayed.

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