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Corporate Communications

Digital signage has become a foundational component to a successful company's proper distribution of corporate messages, values, and goals to employees. When paired with a leading Content Management Software, MediaVue provides a turnkey platform to communicate messages, training materials, workflow improvement and executive directives, to name a few. Additionally, the positioning of signage internally in high employee traffic areas supports the collection of feedback through social media integration and data visualization.

Easy management of all screens - from wayfinding kiosks, to conference rooms, to video walls - can be done seamlessly through our device management tool, Active Network Manager. IT teams can quickly identify whether their communications infrastructure is working as intended, and remotely resolve service issues when they arise. 

The same MediaVue platform can multi-task, meaning it could be used internally for corporate communications and externally to connect with customers. MediaVue provides a single, unified messaging system so even the largest company can orchestrate an effective, widely distributed, multi-purpose digital signage program.

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