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Retail Banking Transformation

Digital signage is transforming the retail banking experience, and MediaVue is powering some of the most innovative, customer engagement programs in the industry. The creative use of touch screens and kiosks, as well as video walls, is making banking more accessible and personalized, and financial institutions are reaping the benefits of these enhanced customer interactions.

Banking is becoming more approachable as branches are using multiple media outlets to appeal to and serve their customers. The rise of self-service kiosks is expediting consumer services and making it easier for customers to access information products. Using of digital signage throughout entire spaces - both inside and outside of the branch - ensures a consistent brand message and helps make the experience. With more options for how to navigate finances, a wider audience is connecting to this modern face of banking.


FGB Full space 16-9

First Gulf Bank, United Arab Emirates

Security Above All

It is no secret that banks and financial institutions have security as their top priority. Digital ecosystems are at constant risk and a comprehensive security strategy must include protecting attack vectors throughout the entirety of the platform, from the hardware, to the operating system and embedded software.

MediaVue has developed a complete security platform that takes into account threats both at the physical endpoint as well as across the network. As a result, SureVue digital endpoints have passed some of the most rigorous penetration and security tests by some of the largest financial institutions globally. And through our software, Active Network Manager, our platformm stays current with the latest security features, giving the network operators the confidence that their network is always protected.

HSBC reception 16-9

HSBC, United Arab Emirates

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