One-of-a-Kind Projects

MediaVue works to bring unique installations to life with custom engineering and design. We have consulted on numerous projects to solve complicated problems that produce jaw-dropping results.

Seaworld screens

Florida Parks, Orlando, FL

A 10 screen "video ring" powered by a single SureVue D6 player hangs from the ceiling of the newly remodeled SeaWorld Store in Florida's SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Centers. This digital installation is the first of its kind in North America.

perot example 3
perot example 2

Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas, TX

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science, of Dallas, TX, made use of digital signage to make the "Being Human Hall" exhibits more dynamic and accessible in order to reach a wider audience. Visitors can interact with each of these stations as they move through the exhibit. The smaller touchpad controls the language of the information on the larger display screens, giving the viewer the option to toggle between English and Spanish. MediaVue's creative engineering team, optimized SureVue D4 players to enable the auxiliary touchpads to control the content. One MediaVue player to runs each station, and manages the various screens of multiple sizes, orientation, and interactivity. The smooth and quick reacting toggling of the language on all of the screens contributes greatly to the success of this exhibit, and leads the Perot Museum in appealing to more of its demographic and attract a greater audience. It can also be easily and inexpensively updated with new information as needed. As a result of the overwhelming positive feedback, the plan is to implement this technology throughout the entire Museum's campus, and it would serve as a progressive example for other institutions to follow.


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