The SureVue Platform

There are four foundational parts of our Platform; SureVue Media Players, Active Network Manager, Support, and Enterprise Services. Together they create seamless deployment and operations for effective digital signage programs. 

SureVue Media Players

Purpose built for digital signage, MediaVue has engineered the most optimal hardware and software components in our players to run content and peripheral technologies and ensure the highest level of performance. SureVues not only deliver rich content, they simplify integration and offer a consistent user experience across all devices, allowing for future innovation and scaling to happen seamlessly within communications programs.

Tried and tested, SureVues continue to operate in the most extreme environments.

SureVues runs Windows or our Linux-based MVOS software stack. Our custom operating system is flexible and adaptive. Updates and the addition of new functionalities can all be done in-place without needing to replace any hardware, components, or devices. As a result, SureVues have a longer life-cycle, are highly secure, and are able to perform under ever-changing use cases. 


Our family of SureVue models offer a device for every use case. 

Our "D Series" of players range from one output to six, and have more than enough capacity to handle dynamic, interactive content, streaming, and multiple applications at once. The most powerful SureVue players, the D6 and D4, are the only devices on the market that can run large-scale multi-screen video walls without the need for splitters or scalers. These models are the go-to choice when customers are looking to achieve stunning one-of-a-kind installations. 

In 2017, we released the Carbon, a compact lightweight, single screen fanless player. This reliable, small form-factor player has a lot of power and is ideal for corporate environments, kiosks, and other applications where multiple single screens are needed.

For more SureVue information or to have a consultation about which models might work best for your project goals, contact a MediaVue representative today.

Active Network Manager

Our proprietary software, Active Network Manager (ANM), is critical to the successful deployment, operation and scaling of an enterprise-level digital signage project. It is important at any stage and can be run on any device, allowing users to actively and remotely manage player updates, operate programs, and scale networks around the world. ANM saves our customers time and money by expediting troubleshooting (when necessary) and keeping programs secure even under the most challenging conditions. 

ANM is an essential part of the MediaVue System because it provides unparalleled remote visibility into your digital program and infrastructure, autonomously prevents problems, and drives efficient management control of your digital signage network.

Bottom line: ANM's value is in the ability it gives you to effectively scale, operate and manage a large, dispersed digital program. It is designed to do this in the face of limited labor resources, local end points that are largely beyond your control, evolving business objectives, and an ever more aggressive and rapidly evolving security threat environment. 

ANM_on_devices 2018

Our Support services not only set us apart, they ensure mutual success between us and our partners.


Committed to being a true technology partner from initial program concept to innovation and growth, MediaVue offers unparalleled product support. The engineers who design our SureVue players, MVOS operating system, and Active Network Manager software, are the same technicians who offer support to our customers. In addition, our expert engineering and support team regularly curates and manages updates to ensure the highest level of maintenance and security for your programs. 

MediaVue’s methods surrounding curation of our image and management of our MVOS updates provide an advantage for our customers. By constantly and carefully curating the image to capture critical updates and sharing the most compatible, useful and secure enhancements, we ensure a controlled and secure operating system on SureVue media players. In addition to improving the quality of the software stack, we specifically test and validate all components as we manage the process of updating players with the new operating system and carefully schedule our releases.

MediaVue Support Services are customized to the needs of your projects and include:

  • SureVue Hardware Support
  • Active Network Manager Software Support
  • MVOS Platform Support
  • Deployment Support
  • Troubleshooting Assistance
  • Application Engineering
  • Curated Updates
  • Content Management System and Application Integration

Enterprise Services

MediaVue provides advanced engineering and custom services designed to meet the particular needs of global, enterprise-level customers to support growing and leveraging their programs.

This includes offerings such as:

  • Custom configuration and staging
  • Global Advanced Exchange for replacement players
  • Personalized management of entire programs

To learn more about these specific services, please contact a MediaVue Representative today.