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Brightsign Device Provisioning – Active Network Manager

To use BrightSign players within ANM, it is crucial to upgrade the BrightSign firmware to the latest version.

1. Download zipped BrightSign ANM Client from:


2. Unpack the downloaded file and copy the content to the formatted microSD card (format FAT32)

It is important to extract the files out of the parent folder onto the microSD card. All files have to be in the root folder of the microSD card.

3. Insert this microSD card into the BrightSign


4. Ensure power and display are connected


5. BrightSign will automatically boot up


Once the Brightsign is started with the ANM client preinstalled you will see a short Verification hash in the middle of the screen.


For Proof Of Concept – Provide MediaVue rep with verification hash to register the player to your ANM account

For larger populations – Provide MediaVue rep with a spreadsheet of device ID’s and serial numbers for registration


If you have any questions or need assistance configuring your Brightsign device, please contact our support team at support@mediavuesystems.com.