Content Engineering and Creation

At MediaVue, we place an importance on taking ownership of the outcomes, and making sure everything works. When content is created without its placement in mind, the results can easily fall short of expectations and not connect with intended audiences. Having worked extensively with content examples in our lab, we have found that there can be a disconnect between content creation and its planned use. Too often, we see content that was not properly designed or optimized to work across different screen formats or work well on the chosen devices. We have seen instances where content not designed to scale from a small screen to a large video wall loses its proportions and quality. The resulting issues do not just affect customer engagement and brand reputation, they often lead businesses to conclude their digital signage investment is a failed endeavor.

ANB_Amplify 16-9

We offer content creation services that keep the technology in mind while also embodying our customers’ concepts and visions.

We create content that adapts perfectly into its ecosystem and maintains consistency in order to build lasting customer experiences that make a positive impact on business brand and outcomes.

Our MediaVue engineers integrate the content with our technology to work for the specific needs of every unique project. Our platform delivers these dynamic experiences reliably, whether implementing touch screen kiosks or multi-screen video walls.

Ensuring a close connectedness between content creation and engineering allows us to eliminate any disruptions on the platform. Our content engineering efforts utilize all our technical elements to ensure the program will be executed well. With MediaVue, businesses can rely on their digital programs to work for them and become an integral part of their audience engagement strategies and drive the best results.