The MediaVue System is optimized to leverage data and analytic strategies to provide our customers objective measurements of effectiveness so they can tune and refine their digital signage programs to achieve improved outcomes.

As our digital signage programs are located centrally in dynamic environments, they are positioned well to assess the interaction of people in the spaces and with the programs. With our platform, experience with customers, and product innovation skills, we curate outstanding on-site experiences. We act as the interface of the overall programs because we create and know the messages and experiences, deliver them, and understand how the audience is engaging with them. We use this knowledge and understanding to help our customers know how to best formulate the questions for measuring responses and gaining meaning out of them.  

Our SureVue media players are smart edge devices built to support added software and run any peripheral devices, such as sensors and cameras, in order to perform presence detection and start to form a data set. We can work within the realm of privacy issues. Our data capture process is strong. Each SureVue delivers 200 different datapoints a minute. Our tools go beyond heat maps as we aim to provide meaningful insight in addition to the data.


We look at why people are in certain places and interacting with one program versus another. We are able to do this across all end points globally.   

On a tactical level, we know for a particular end point data such as gender and age anonymously. In addition to gathering the data from all end points, we can utilize our Active Network Manager tool and look at data from all locations and ultimately networks cross sectionally and over time to provide further insights. We can also contrast this against a more macro level of big data through our partners to determine even further insights that have value and will allow our customers to better serve their audiences.

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In addition to gathering the data, our system helps decompose it and create insights to inform the further customization of program messages and experiences. These findings will help with the development of future messaging that can be suited to specific audience needs. To take this one step further, analytics and insights make segmentation more precise. Service and retail spaces are able to deliver personalized content to their customers based on hard data about their demographics.

Customers are not only responding positively to these tailored experiences, they are searching them out, and opting to put their loyalty in brands offering these interactions.

As businesses and customers are constantly evolving, analytics need to be performed continuously. The MediaVue System helps you to take ownership of the entire process as it offers a whole solution to improve your business outcomes and results.