The MediaVue Legacy

MediaVue was launched in 2007 to deliver one of the first purpose-built digital media players. From our first innovative, fan-less designs to some of the first, multi-output systems, we established a reputation for innovation, product quality, and customer support.

As the digital signage market continued to develop and mature, we realized that a successful digital signage deployment relied as much on the proper and thorough integration of hardware, software and physical and network infrastructures as much as it relied on the strengths and reliability of any single component. Unlike the desktop and laptop networks that were familiar to our customers’ support teams, digital signage is a web of interconnected technologies that must all act together to produce the image that we see, or hope to see, on the screen. These networks can include hundreds or thousands of locations across the world. Successful digital signage deployments would require tools that were purpose-built to that task.          

This need led the development of Active Network Manager (ANM), which enables digital signage networks to grow and operate reliably, efficiently and securely under constantly changing real world conditions. By combining the ANM platform with our Enterprise Services, we can deliver installation-ready players directly to their final locations.


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Our customers now had a robust platform on which to deliver their digital experiences to their audiences.

The next step was to help them create and implement the messages, the experiences that they envisioned. As the system designer, we had intimate knowledge of how to ensure these content elements to work well in a digital environment. The content engineering and content development services we now provide enable us to complement and supplement customer capabilities.    

Once the messages, the experiences have been created, the final piece to the puzzle was to measure and analyze the results. How are people interacting within the spaces?  We created ways to collect data and gain insights that could be applied to improve results and achieve desired outcomes. 

Designed, engineered and assembled in the United States, the MediaVue System is now deployed and operating in more than 70 countries worldwide.  

Focus, continuous innovation, attention to detail, applied expertise, long-term partnerships that help our customers to achieve desired outcomes: this is the MediaVue legacy.